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MAY 1ST, 2006:


Hong Kong actor Chan Chin Pang arrived in mainland china (propagandizing purposes).  Hong Kong entertainer Chan Chin Pang was in many series such as Happy Family, My Date with a Vampire, Love in a Miracle....


Director: Welcome to the interview today.  I think everyone remembers me, I’m an old friend.  This is the first time I appear in an interview in 2006, this new year is so joyful.  Today, the hornored guest is a soap opera, a director and the supervised manufactor.  They will join us in this fabulous show. 


Chinpang: is Everybody doing good! Wish everybody's new year is joyfully, great health! 

Director: Chinpang, you are a Hong Kong citizen, right? 

Chinpang: I was born in Hong Kong, the native place is Fujian. 

Director: you sure speak the national language very good. 

Chinpang: really?  Somebody said I’m not very good at it. 

Director: Recently everybody says that you did a really good job in the new series. You took the role extremely good, yesterday you just come back from Tianjin?

Chinpang: Yesterday I went to tianjin to promote it and came back in the evening.


Director: will you only promote in the mainland?


Chin pang: I also promote in HongKong.  But you can not view it here because it is local telivision station. 


Director: how do you feel about the trip?


Chin pang: don’t know.  I was on the bus for 2 hours, and was so tire, did not get a chance to look at the view of Tianjin.


Director: we all know that you are a hongkong person, you can understand the traditional language a little bit, did you give your speech infront of fans?


Chin pang:  a little.

Director: what else did you do recently?

Chinpang: filming more series that deal with very little political issues, but very serious, happy and funny.

Director: what character do you play?


Chinpang: an honest police.

Director: you look like a good police, a principle person.

Chinpang: I’m so thin lately.  And I always have the villain roles, you know, defends on the scripts.  However, there is always pro and cons to the character that I play.  Inside I’m a good person.


Director:  tell us a little about Love in a Miracle?  You were very successful and after this series released, you had a lot of comments.  You are popular also on the world wide web.  This series broadcasting in Beijing television station, possibly I think you will become more popular. 


Chinpang: This story sets in the 50's, this is the south respected family's story. The elder brother falls in love with a girl and married into the wife’s household, the story starts slowly from there.  Very romantic.


Director: your role is very painful?

Chinpang: extremely painful person. 

Director: your role contradict itself, because at the end you turn into good.  When did this one ended filming?


Chinpang: December 2003.

Director: where?

Chinpang: Guangzhou.


Director: now is 2006, any impression you have about the play?

Chinpang: a lot.


Director: did you sang the song?  You were so busy during that year. 


Chinpang: I sang the Cantonese version and the national version.


Director: wow, the company sure gave you opportunities.


Chipang: right! the company invest in me a lot, they gave me the opportunity.

Director: Good modest. Those were the first songs and first time singing for you? 

Chinpang: I was a singer before in hongkong.  But sing for a series then yes, it was the first time.

Director: Before you wanted to be a singer? 

Chinpang: wanted to be, but choose to be an actor instead. I have some records in the earlier day, albums and such (with other singers, not my own). 


Chinpang: Already recorded several songs.  I will sign with other studio companies, I’m handling this matter. 

Director: when will you have your own album?

Chinpang: had no album in the past, but I will record my own album and hopefully I have the opportunity to publish my own special edition, new extra photos will also be added in the cd cases.

Part II:

Director: how long ago did you first started recording?

Chinpang: five years ago.

Director: do you still listen to your first song?  What is the feeling?

Chinpang: A little obsolete feeling, because that song took me a while to record.

Director: let’s talk about your background. 

Chinpang: I originally worked for a television station in Hong Kong, after my graduation, I suddenly ran into a person at a karaoke plaza and he helped me.  I appeared in many concerts after that day.  He helped me record songs.  I then decided to study to be an actor, and movies making.  I will always try harder.


Director:  what character do you play in the new series that you are currently filming?

Chinpang: a quite mature role, very amusing.  This one has 25 volumes (episode).

Director: any martial art?

Chinpang: yes, in the first 3 episodes that I appeared in.  Before I turned 23, I used to learn martial art.  I made some action movies during that time. 

Director: I have heard that you took 3 years to learn martial art.  You were serious about it too.

Chinpang: I have to work a lot, travel, so I could not go to class daily.  However, in the new series with Patrick Tam, in order to stay in shape, I exercise every day.  Therefore I very fit right now, won’t get injure.


Director: do you have any plans for the up coming year?

Chinpang: try to be a solid television actor, making movies, sing and dance.  Hopefully I will be recognizing in mainland as well.

Director: you also do food shows?

Chinpang: I introduce to audiences the new food show, the vegetable food show.

Director: I’m also a director for food shows and I specially envy those who are making the diet programs and helping people eat healthier.

Director: no wonder some people said that you have gain some weight recently. 

Chinpang: yes, in 2006.

Director: what else would you like your audiences to know about yourself?  We all know that you are extremely into making movies, promoting series, television shows and you will return to Hong Kong soon.  How did you do it?  

Chinpang: I’ll be back to Hong Kong for only 2 months, then I travel to Shanghai for a soap opera show, then to Beijing, Beijing has good foods to eat, all you can eat.  Then later I’ll be back to Hong Kong for a short period to time.  Afterward, in March, I’ll have a show in Hong Kong.  I work for this big company…


Director: before, I saw your blond hair when you were doing modeling, this time, you went from long blond hair to short.

Chinpang: my hair just grows really slowly.  Do not want to shave again; I was bald for a while, especially in 2006. 

Director: were you at the entertainment show in March?

Chinpang: I wanted to join that idol show, but they told me I am not an idol, I think I’m very solid with singing skill and have strength on soap opera.  I’m currently watching the local soap opera in HongKong. 

Director: do you like any historical drama?

Chinpang: I like China’s historical drama.  But now most people are focusing on popular love or family dramas. 

Director: or ancient drama.

Chinpang: ancient series are almost out of date now, most Hong Kong audiences are welcoming comedy and family soap opera.

Director: true, especially Hong Kong people are so busy now a day.  They work so hard so they are too busy for those long draggy dramas.  Who are your idols; do you compare yourself with them?

Chinpang: I like actors who are mature, about 40 to 50 years old, for example, Pan Hong is very solid with her acting skills.  She is a perfectionist.  She handle matters really well, her manner is extremely good.  I like her style.

Director: so far, which mainland actors do you cooperate with?

Chinpang: Tian Hairong is a very well educated person, very good.

Director: We also know that other Hong Kong and Taiwan actors, for instance: Alex Su You Peng participating in mainland series, what do you think?  Is it because of your contract, you can only film in Hong Kong?

Chinpang: If I film in mainland, I have to worry about the: “peace treaty terms”.  Again, I might have to learn how to blend in with the mainland people and study about their culture, very different. 

Director: so far, you went to many places to film for the Hong Kong industry. 

Chinpang: I traveled from south so north.

Director: what is the feeling while filming there?

Chinpang: I must learn how to speak the national language.

Director: but no need when they can dub.

Chinpang: dubbing lower the qualities and the effect of a series, especially modern drama.

Director: I feel that you are a very good actor, extremely good.  A new idol for yong generation, especially for the oversea fans.  I saw other fans while I was scanning the net.  A couple days ago, other internet fans asking about chinpang’s song.  Can you tell us more about your new album, what is so special about this new edition?


Chipang: in 2004, Ye Shirong discussed with me about publishing an album.  But during that time, I was filming a show and was quite busy.  So there fore, in 2004 and 2005 all I did was  filming shows.  Hopefully when my time comes I will release my own album and I can learn to sing in mandarin.

Director: Ye Shirong did gave you an opportunity in 2003 and in 2004, you gave that away.

Chinpang: actually I did not gave it up.  I as a singer before and I knew that it is no a simple matter.  A singer need his own style and when that style is out of date, audiences leave you.

Director: I discover that chinpang is such an earnest person, you do not like people such as Zhao Wei or Zhou Xun, but you like Pan Hong’s personality.

Chinpang: all actors must work hard, very busy; I have to film soap opera all the time.  I visit here and there, so I don’t have a chance to make any impression with others.  Therefore, I would not say that I don’t like them, just that I have not meet them in person.  But if I have an opportunity to meet other actors and actresses, I might befriend with them too.  Sitting here and talking with you, I know more about you; I discover that you are a new and good friend.  I think that you have to have a small conversation with other people to know them, then you can conclude if you like them or not.  All I know is that Zhao Wei does handle her matters very attentively.

December 2, 2005:

Mystery unfolds!

An exclusive interview with one of Chin Pang’s favorite fan!

Below is an exclusive live interview with one of Chin Pang's favorite fan.  Cherry lives in Hong Kong.  She went to many of his fans gathering and live functions.  She is proud to say that she keeps almost all of his on/off screen pictures and video clips.  As her words reveal the real Chin Pang, the Chin Pang behind stage, a person that is very: "friendly and childish at the same time..."  Cherry shares with us some of her thoughts.  She is not just a faithful fan, she is his good friend.  As fans will soon learn, "When there's a Chin Pang, there's a Cherry!"

1.  Can you describe something about yourself?

     Ans: I am girl that always smile. ^^"


2.  Since when did you become one of Chin Pang's fans? 

    Ans: During "Love in a miracle" program.


3.  What are your favorite Chin Pang’s movies?  Series?  Songs?  Music Videos?

    Ans: For series only - Love in a Miracle.


4.  Approximately how many times had you seen Chin Pang in person?  What were the things that you said to him when you met him?  What were the things he said to you or fans when he met them?

    Ans: I forgot how many times I had seen him in person. Around 20 times or above. When I met him, 1st ~ Greeting, 2nd ~ asked him about his recent activities, specials or discussed about his series.

He then asked us questions and our opinions and would beat us. Ha ha~~~ Sometimes he’s like a child.


5.  Can you share your first meeting with Chin Pang?  Location?  Atmosphere? 

   Ans: The first time that I saw him was on 24 Nov 04. At ShaTin Donor Centre.


6.  Can you describe one of the "fan gathering" moment?  Who was in charge?  The setting? 

     Ans: McLisa was the one in charge of the Fans Gathering.


7.  Use one word to describe Chin Pang as a friend? 

   Ans: Childish.....^^"


8.  Use one word to describe Chin Pang as a star?

   Ans: Childish and work hard....^o^


9.  What do you see in Chin Pang 10 years from now?

   Ans: Sorry! No comment on this question.


10. If one day fans would like to meet him, can you share some of the things that fans must do when meeting him? 

   Ans: MUST DO? Take Photos then hit him!


11. What is the most hilarious thing about Chin Pang that you knew?

   Ans: Someone told me: When he was in TVB, he liked to sing songs while he bathed.

     Also, he didn't know how much YAKULT costs. (The YAKULT just costs HKD$2.) One day, he asked us if we wanted to have a YAKULT. We said “Yes, of coz." Then he asked the bartender to give us 3 bottles of YAKULT. And then he paid HKD$20 to the bartender, and asked if it ($20) was enough or not?


12.  What is most wonderful thing about Chin Pang that you like?

   Ans: The wonderful thing lies in future.


13.  Are there anything about him that fans should know?

   Ans: Um...Should know? May I ask what else that you want to know about him? He is a very friendly, kindly artist. Yup! Doesn't matter if he knows the person or not, if you take photos with him, he must place his hand on your shoulder. (This action means that he is very friendly.)





***Thank you, Cherry.  Now fans can learn more about Chin Pang, their great hero.*** 


Picture was taken on November 13, 2005


By: Allsion

(Cherry provided the photo above)